CPI(M) fears BJP cutting into Left votes in Bengal

KOLKATA: Even as veteran BJP leader LK Advani sprang up a surprise in Hooghly District yesterday by not criticizing (not attacking) Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, internal party report of the CPI(M) suggesting, if not seats, BJP might also eat up votes of the Left deepens fear with comrades!
More interestingly, party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi also told a local Bengali vernacular that he would also extend all cooperation for industrialization of Bengal
This apparently deepened the fear of Left which “could brinlkag up no new issues either to condemn the TMC or any great issues against “sinking  Congress ship’’ and of course, their sinking Third Front!,’’ said a disappointed CPI(M) leader!Apparently, Left Front led by CPI(M) is `lacking in spirit while campaigning for their candidates, as the issues they have brought up has of late became hackneyed.
Grimly, party insiders dropped hints that alerts, state headquarters received as feedbacks “are alarming though Mamata Banerjee’s regretful retreat with EC and a star-studded candidates’ list of party may not be impressive with huge number young voters who got enrolled as new voters during this 16th LS election,’’ but it “will not stand us in a good stead electorally.’’“It’s  like between the devil and deep sea for comrades,’’ felt an political commentators

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