Congress harps ‘collective’ leadership as exit polls predict rout

rahul-13NEW DELHI : The Congress on Monday sought to save its vice president Rahul Gandhi from being blamed for the Lok Sabha election debacle being predicted by the exit polls, saying the party contested under a “collective” leadership
Party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmad said: “Rahul Gandhi is not in the government. He is the second biggest leader of the party. Our biggest leader is our president Sonia Gandhi. We also have our local leadership. So the responsibility for the results will be shared collectively.”
Ahmad also said the Congress would not participate in any discussions on exit polls being conducted by TV channels. ‘“There are reasons for that. On most of the previous occasions in 2009 and 2004, opinion and exit polls were against the Congress and in favour of the BJP and on both occasions, they were proved wrong,” he said. Ahmad welcomed the high turnout in polls this time but said it was difficult to predict the outcome of voting based on that.
He also welcomed the Election Commission giving a go-ahead to the government to appoint the next army chief.

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