BJP isn’t writing off Bengal as wasteland, like Congress, leaves Mamata worried

KOLKATA: Even as West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee’s attacks on BJP, Congress and other becoming cleche, TMC sources said BJP primeministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s  touring Bengal twice within a span of two and a half months – first in Brigade Ground and second in North Bengal’s Siliguri tomorrow – left TMC leaders worried.mamta-11
“Their leadership is not considering Bengal as wasteland like Congress leaders have written off the state, has created created worries in the minds of TMC, which thought in four-cornered contests it would end up destroying its vote-banks in North and South Bengal.
Interestingly, Modi who praised Mamata Banerjee and even left explicit hints that new government would take a special package for Bengal with all seriousness in Brigade, yesterday in Siliguri debunked  Banerjee’s poribortan (change) as a mere rhetoric and asked Bengal to see reasons for a change in Delhi beyond these rhetoric, said a political commentator.
To be wiser still, Modi in North Bengal did not promise Bimal Gurung’s Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha any Gorkha Land either!And Mamata ‘s answers today couldn’t be as cleverer nor anything beyond `Congress-BJP- CPI(M) conspiracy’ here political observers feel.“Some more brilliant ways need to be reinvented,’’ said a political observer, hastening to add, “only face of communalism, wouln’t suffice.’’

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