Before next year’s Budget, NDA ministers to seek feedback at grassroots level

imagesNEW DELHI: To learn about the “problems and expectations” of the people at the grassroots level, Union ministers will be fanning out across the interiors of the country as the Narendra Modi government has planned a large- scale feedback exercise before the annual budget next year.
“It has been decided that every minister would travel and camp in at least two parliamentary seats and interact with the people so that the government can learn about the problems, aspirations and expectations of the people at the grassroots level,” a source said

Emphasising that the exercise would be on a “massive” scale, the source added that the government is keen that it reach out to the largest possible section of people to get feedback.Sources said that the constituencies chosen could either be those represented by the NDA or even the ones held by other parties.
The Modi government has over 60 ministers and information and feedback can thus be gathered for upto 120 constituencies, a Union minister said here.
The minister added that Members of Parliament (MPs) belonging to the ruling dispensation would try to cover the majority of the constituencies as the government plans to hear the voices of the people on the ground.

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