Baruah’s sentence leaves state agencies hopeful for spiking KLO in North Bengal

Paresh Baruah aka Paresh Asom
Paresh Baruah aka Paresh Asom

KOLKATA: As recently a Bangladesh court sentenced a secessionist United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) to death, the state agencies keeping a watch on Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) believe, “it would act as a deterrent to KLO armed cardres operating across the border – Bangladesh, Nepal (though the Himalaya Kingdom did not act so far) or Myanmar.’’
Speaking to this reporter, a top official said: “the sentence drove home that Bangladesh wouldn’t tolerate any anti-Indian nor anti-Bengal activities in their land.’’
Incidentally, 14 others, including a top Jaamat leader was sentenced to death with ULFA commander Praresh Baruah linked with a large arm-haul case 10 years back when he was nabbed by Bangladesh Police constables.
But Baruah’s death sentence had given new hope to state security agencies who feel it would not only spike and cripple KLO operation and using Bangladesh but also under pressure from security’s combing operation in North Bengal districts, it would become difficult “for them to redraw their operational area.’’
It is important to note that KLO which claims to represent the “political ambition of Rajbanshis in North Bengal’’ happens to be another force however small who believe in a separate state “for Greater Chooch Behar’’ in North Bengal. And their recent revival on the eve of LS election from ashes more than a decade after bodes ill for North Bengal and its tea industry and overall development package in North Bengal Districts.
Most dangerously the KLO has of late signed up with Asom ultra organizations. “But Bangladesh Government’s decisions to punish Paresh Baruah leaves us hopeful,’’ said a senior security official especially now keeping a watch over KLO activities by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during her recent North Bengal tour.

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