Anushka Sharma uncovers dark side of Bollywood

MUMBAI: Anushka Sharma has boldly opened up about the horrible sexism that exists in the Bollywood industry.anushka-sharma-38687
In an interview with film critic Anupama Chopra, Anushka said that women in Bollywood are only required to look good and ?interesting? in a film, The Express Tribune reports. However, she said that once an actress lose her looks, she loses contracts for the films, which is not the case with male actors.
The gutsy actress revealed that it is more difficult for an actress to enter films compared to actors also that men are paid more than women.
She said that if any actress does a film, in which her role is superior to the male actor?s, none of the guys will do that role. On the other hand, the Bombay Velvet actress did say that male actors also have to face a lot of pressure in Bollywood as they are under pressure to make 100 crore films.

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