A dame who won Kachan Janga, but `lost’ her way into Himalayan frosts

20132390KOLKATA: It was May 18th when Chanda Gayen climbed Kanchan Janga with her friend Tushi Das and walked back to their base camp. But next morning, with two Serpas (people who assist mountaineers), Chanda began her next expedition to Yalung Cang, but that was last all her friends in the base camp knew about her! Though West Bengal Government activated foreign ministry and Nepal Government for launching a campaign to trace her but so far Chanda remained traceless for everyone and her mother and brothers at her home in Howrah District! Himalayan weather uncertainties, earlier eaten up several people from Bengal, but everyone wished Chanda to return but she didn’t at least till this evening newly set up secretariat Nabayana couldn’t offer any clue to either reporters or her family members. However, both Trinamool leaders and state BJP leader Rahul Sinha paid her home a visit, But it brought no clues to her escape from her getting into probably an avalanche that still probably kept her off from the world. And campaigns to trace have been defeated by bad weather conditions.

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