5 Apps to make your mornings a little more live-able

381154-fitnessMUMBAI: Mornings are the most important part of the day, and it’s essential to start off the day on a positive note to keep yourself motivated. However, instead of being thankful you didn’t oversleep today, your mind gets entangled in the woes and worries of your daily routine. So, to keep you from ruining your mornings, we bring you five free smartphone apps that will make your mornings a whole lot better.
Deal Alarm
No matter how well you plan your mornings, you are going to start it in a fit of frustration and anger if you keep using the regular in-built alarm of your mobile phone. So, fight that alarm-induced angst with the Desidime Deal Alarm app which will make sure that you wake up with a smile on your face every morning. How? Every day when the Deal Alarm goes off it will greet you with an amazing deal, or an exciting freebie, kick-starting a positive day for you with a pleasant morning surprise.
The Deal Alarm also allows you to choose the music you want to wake up to, give a label to your alarm, adjust snooze and alarm lengths and even change the way you want to snooze it.
3 Minute Work-out
After you freshen up and start making some sense of the world around you, you need to shake yourself out of that sleep inertia and give a few moments to the well-being of your body. The 3 Minute Work-out app will no longer let you skip exercise with the “no time” excuse. As the name suggests, this app guides you through 3 minute workouts with easy-to-follow animations and verbal instructions. Simply choose when you want to exercise, the body parts you want to work on, the length of your exercise routine, and the 3 Minute Work-out app will generate a work-out plan for you. It has 48 exercises broken down into four difficulty levels, so that you can progress at your own pace.
Also, the app lets you connect with your Facebook friends to keep you motivated.
No sooner do you wake up than your mind gets to work on one of the most difficult questions of the day- what shall I wear today? This is particularly grinding for those of us who are very fussy about how we look every day and those who cannot ever make quick decisions even to save their own life.
However, with Closfy on your mobile phone, you will no longer be spending more than a few seconds fighting the what-to-wear syndrome every morning. Closfy is your virtual wardrobe where you can click and upload photos of your entire wardrobe, including those of your shoes, accessories and bags, categorise them according to latest trends and occasions, create looks, and plan what you are going to wear the next day, week and even month.
Closfy also keeps a record of what outfit you wore and when, to avoid repetition, and gives you fashion tips on creating new looks, which clothes will best suit your body type etc.
Food Planner
The fewer decisions you make in the morning, the better it is, because decision-making leaves you feeling frustrated and any delay in it can throw your whole day into the ‘running-late-for-everything’ mode. So planning your breakfast and what to pack for lunch with the Food Planner can save your days. Now you no longer have to eat the same breakfast or lunch every day to save time.
The Food Planner app allows you to plan all your meals for the day well in advance, create a list of groceries you need for every meal, and also keep a track of whether you have all ingredients in stock or not. You can also import various recipes from your favourite sites and even create and manage your own recipes for your daily or weekly meal plans.
If you take more than 15 minutes to reach your workplace, nothing puts you in a bad mood like the slow and sometimes irritable journey you have to make every day. It gets even more annoying when you try to while away the time reading interesting stuff on the web, but you don’t have a stable data connection in transit.

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