BJP Scouting All Options to Accommodate State Leaders

pkTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Amidst reports on a possible ministerial berth for Kerala in the Union Cabinet, a couple of new formulas are being worked out by the BJP leadership to accommodate senior leaders from the state.Instead of ministership, other key administrative posts like chairmanship of Boards could be offered to some while some others from the state could be be gifted with powerful organisational posts.
Currently names of four senior leaders from the state – national secretary P K Krishnadas, veteran leader O Rajagopal, state president V Muralidharan and former president P S Sreedharan Pillai – are doing the rounds as probable candidates for a ministerial berth from the state. However none of them are MPs. Also, currently there are no vacancies to be nominated as Rajya Sabha MPs. “The next vacancy for nominated Rajya Sabha MPs comes on November 17, 2015, only when Ashok Ganguly and S K Dua complete their tenure. Otherwise these leaders should be elected as Rajya Sabha MPs from some state. In 2014, there will be a total of 12 vacancies including in Uttar Pradesh (7), Karnataka (2), Uttarakhand (1), Mizoram (1) and Arunachal Pradesh (1). However as of now, chances are less for leaders from Kerala to contest from these states.
In 2015, there will be a total of 23 vacancies of RS MPs including in states like Gujarat and Rajasthan. During that time, Kerala leaders could be chosen,” sources pointed out. Of the four probable names from Kerala, the seniormost leader O Rajagopal could be considered for the post of Governor.o- raj
Sources said the leadership has communicated the same to leaders from here. It seems P K Krishnadas is least interested in getting a ministerial post. As a senior leader from the state, he could be offered the post of party national general secretary.
State party president V Muralidharan is also a strong contender for the post of Union Minister from here. It is learnt that so far, no final decision has been taken on where to accommodate him. Chances are high that he could be offered a top administrative job. As far as P S Sreedharan Pillai is concerned, a senior post in the Law Ministry could be the immediate offer before him. A couple of other names are also being discussed at the national level. The name of former bureaucrat-turned-politician Alphonse Kannamthanam is doing the rounds as a probable choice for the key post in Delhi while party national executive council member Sobha Surendran could be chosen as a member of the National Women’s Commission.
However BJP state president V Muralidharan categorically denied of any such formula or discussions.“These are all rumours only. The priorities of the Modi Govt are entirely different, which are based on overall development of the  country including all states,” Muralidharan said.

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