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Published On: Tue, Apr 25th, 2017

Yogi government cracks down on mafia grabbing land in name of religion

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41115983.cmsLUCKNOW : In yet another big step, Yogi Adityanath has launched a major crackdown against land mafia. Now, Yogi Adityanath government has formed a ‘Anti Bhu-Mafia task force’ to curb land grabbing in Uttar Pradesh.
“No one will be allowed to grab land in the name of religion”, said Shrikant Sharma, spokesperson of UP government, in a press conference on Tuesday.
UP government took this big decision after several cases of land grabbing were reported in Uttar Pradesh.Since Yogi government has taken over a number of decsions have been taken to make UP a better state.zeenews.


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