Yechurry uses threat of party split in Bengal

imagesKOLKATA: To keep Karat lobby in check, party general secretary Sitaram Yechurry during party’s Central Committee meeting learnt to have used threat of Bengal comrades splitting away from main party to avoid sensor from party’s top body.

According to sources, Yechurry made it clear to Kerala lobby that “let’us give up any idea of openly censoring Bengal comrades and avoid any head on confrontation on the issue of alliance with Congress.’’

Yechurry’s tactical line has already put Karat and Kerala lobby under check, but “he has to look for a long term solution both for party and party’s unity,’’ Bengal party’s top leader told this reporter.
Both pro-alliance lobby in Bengal and Yechurry may have won the war with Karat and Kerala and Tripura lobbies but he needs to tighten up Bengal party’s weakness for Congress which “neither enjoys a good reputation among political parties nor a great future,’’ said another leader.

And both Yechurry and Bengal leaders should also try to know the if not violent dissent but dissent among party workers and Left Front party workers who condemned Surya Kant Mishra and his adventure with Congress, feel top party leaders, “or Karat will dig up grave as CPI(M) is fast loosing its political ground in a post-economic reform time and with new emerging reform-driven middle-class.’’ Warn party leaders.

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