Want to know about your future? Ask Google Fortune!

414350-google-fortuneNEW DELHI: Are you curious enough to know what will happen in the near future? Well, you can now get to know what the future has in store for you, as Google has launched a fortune-telling app that claims to predict the future.
Users can type any random question that they might want to ask about their future while Google examines old search data and gives out the result.
But it is not that easy to know your future as it seems. While typing in the search box, certain questions like ‘Will I be ever united with my family’, ‘Will humans ever stop fighting’, ‘Is there a place where they will accept me’ will pop up.
After selecting your questions, click on the predict my future and you will be redirected to page where you will find your answer.
The answer is hard-hitting as you will get to know that Google Fortunetelling is a project aimed at creating an awareness on the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe.
This was search engine giant Google’s innovative way to let people know of the growing refugee crisis in Europe. Users are encouraged to help the refugees by donating time, money or love to charities and also by telling their friends about the campaign.

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