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Published On: Sat, Dec 10th, 2016

Venkaiah Naidu mocks Rahul’s earthquake threat

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28-1443458849-venkaiahnaiduNEW DELHI : Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday hit back at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi over his earthquake remark and said, ‘a previous quake had brought the strength of his party from 440 to 44 in the Lok Sabha’.

Minister of Urban Development said that the government is ready for a debate on the demonetisation decision and that a discussion had commenced and several opposition leaders including former prime minister Manmohan Singh had spoken. He also accused the Congress party of creating hurdles and halting the proceedings in the House during the discussion on the issue.

Naidu said that Parliament is the best forum to debate and Opposition should hear the government and say what it wants to say there. And if they are still not convinced they can go to people and agitate.
“Without even either going to the people, nor allowing people’s representatives to be heard in the House, you are obstructing. That is why I say you are committing a contempt of democracy, you are committing a contempt of democracy and contempt of Parliament,” Naidu said.
Referring to Gandhi’s remark that if he is allowed to speak there will be an earthquake, Naidu asked what message does the Congress Vice President wants to send.

“Simply by verbal threatening, If I speak there will be an earthquake, what example is this What sort of message do you want to convey to the people, that there will be an earthquake in the Parliament. After an earthquake, Congress came down from 440 to 44,” Naidu said.
He said that the government has been ready for a discussion and it was the Opposition parties who left the debate midway.”In Rajya Sabha, after debating for two days, you ran away. Congress leaders Anand Sharma, Pramod Tewari and even Manmohan Singh spoke, then why did you create hurdles midway,” he asked.

Naidu posed a series of question, which he said that the Congress should answer.”I would like to know from Congress party and its friends, are they in favour of the fight against corruption and black money. Are they in favour or against remonetisation? Are they in favour of digital transfer of money or against? Are they protesting against the policy or its implementation?,” he asked .pti.


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