Trinamool threatens to move court against Modi over his talks about Mamata’s paintings

KOLKATA: BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s attacks on Mamata Banerjee and her Trinamool Congress have stirred up  hornets’ nest with TMC leaders seeking “an unconditional apology or face a defamation suit.’’What apparently infuriated Banerjee and her men has been Modi’s reference to Mamata Banerjee’s rather expensive paintings allegedly brought by Saradha Chit Fund’s former (now in jail) Sudipto Sen at Srirampore rally here yesterday. Modi’s references also dropped hints that if he came to power, he would inquire into the scam!mamta
“Modi parachutes in West Bengal without knowing anything about the state and talks about paintings which amount to personal attacks on our leader, he will have to tender public apology or face defamation suit,’’ said Mamata’s finance minister Amit Mitra.Even Sudipto Sen also denied today that Saradha purchased those paintings: “I haven’t bought any paintings,’’ Sen told reporters.
However, this didn’t melt ice in state BJP camp: “If Mamata Banerjee’s repeated reference to Modi as communal face did not sound defamatory, then why they should get so excited about someone buying paintings of Banerjee?’’ Asked a senior state BJP leader.Even more candid was state party president Rahul Sinha: “Anybody can go to court, we have no problems, they can.’’Incidentally, political commentators saw on Modi’s part, loss of patience with Mamata Banerjee’s repeated reference to Modi as communal face actually actuated it. “Why they would call Modi a butcher of Gujarat? Isn’t defamatory?’’ He asked.
During his earlier campaigns, Modi not only stunned political observers for not uttering a single word against Banerjee. In an earlier interview, though Modi said: “Mamata Banerjee would have done more during all these months.’’
But political observers see what these threats issued by TMC wouldn’t  stop is Trinamool Congress’ public loss of face allegedly for its link with Saradha and Sudipto Sen in crucial election time. After all Saradha’s reopening will only cloud voters thinking about TMC and CPI(M).

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