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Published On: Fri, Feb 17th, 2017

TMC smells trouble as `RSS,’ Hindu outfits trying to emerge as Opposition

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ilSSqnHnQuagKOLKATA : As slowly Opposition, Left and Congress, seem in deep trouble to keep their position politically stable, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her party smell trouble lying ahead in 2019.

Real problem happens that Left led by CPI(M) has failed to accommodate the party, set in Stalinst mindset, in a fast changing economic reform-driven  society, says a political scientist of Calcutta University.
Thus they are losing out fast, much has been the case with a diluted Congress in the state as they played second fiddle to Left ever since they lost power,’’ he argued.But time and space would stop for none and a third force would emerge as history would roll by,’’ he added.

Though Bengal convoluted through social changes in nineteenth century, wouldn’t like to have a religious party to overtake, “but a huge number of Bengalee Hindus that settled up in the state and still coming across the border from Bangladesh may go for more Rightists like RSS,’’ felt another professor who came from East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.
And trouble with TMC has been there are reports that RSS has become a little more expansive. “We have more people now listening to us,’’ said an old RSS hand.  Only a few weeks back, RSS chief had held an open session in here despite TMC officially trying to stop it!
What has more  alerted TMC has been a massive meeting of Hindu Sanghati at the heart of the city.With Left and Congress more bothered about their existence, now the load comes on Mamata Banerjee and TMC, observers feel.For this slogan of development and job generation are must which is not exactly happening,’’ said an old Congress hand.
Nothing much happened during last six years, he cautioned.


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