TMC, Left battle in silence, await to formulate new strategy for what next

YACHURIKOLKATA: With much awaited change in Delhi having taken place, the Trinamool Congress notwithstanding with large number of MPs and CPI(M) with almost none (two only), will have to await major policy shift from UPA I & II and decide on political programmes that would be afoot from both the camps.
While Sitaram Yechuri’s presence in Narendra Modi’s swearing-in yesterday unlikely to soften up Bengal-line towards BJP, nor Mamata Banerjee’s finally sending two representatives to the function may not bring much change of attitude in this camp either.
For Mamata Banerjee, both special package and huge percentage BJP votes would cause much the same worry. “But if Modi and Rajnath spoke from their hearts (special package for Bengal), the inevitable will happen,’’ said a left-leaning intellectual.
Thus Banerjee’s frustration over growing BJP vote percentage even in the TMC-dominated assembly constituencies will not melt away though she effected changes in her ministry today.
And CPI(M) leadership facing fierce dissent in state headquarters and party general secretary Prakash facing the same in Delhi for toppling him before next Party Congress are no minor threats from within and without. “So both the camps cannot brook any delay for formulating their next step,’’ said a political observer.
So worried, both the camps, they ignored a major bad news from industry’s suspension of work in Hooghly district which left almost 2700 workers jobless and pushed them to starvation, did not move either the Trinamool Government or CPI(M)’s Allimuddin Street
“They are silent, like once Planning Commission suggested the administration should not interfere, so who says economic reforms didn’t touch Bengal leaders? Quipped a trade union general secretary, while both TMC and Left getting locked up in thoughts what next?


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