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Published On: Thu, Jan 5th, 2017

TMC camp hopes, Modi `will prove wrong’ in assembly polls

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indexKOLKATA : Beleaguered by arrests of party leaders, including leader of Parliamentary Leader, with links and taints of Rose Valley chitfund, TMC would look for a solace from the outcome of 5 state assembly elections beginning from early next month.
Let see how central investigating agencies can help Modi, BJP after demonitisaion?’’ quipped a top TMC leader smiling. We are already trying to gather figure of people who died out in ATM queues, while trying to get money from banks,’’ he added.

One need not become a Marxist apologist to say how it punished the common man with no relief in economic terms.During Janata Party Government, of course, Morarji Desai’s demonitisation (1978) with not only it did not hit common man but brought the inflation down of all essential commodities,’’

said an economist Calcutta University. “And it is not happening now. Instead a huge rural population will have fight despite their illiteracy forcing in of digital banking when they do not know how to complete the formalities in present banking system, fears another economist.
When we have news that during the stipulated period of discarded note could be exchanged from banks, we have seen people investing in Gold and jewelry so how many such people were booked for such huge investments in gold turning black into yellow metal?

Now they can resell it back and get new currencies back in their hands,’’ he added.According to observers, Modi may be using Central agencies against Mamata Banerjee but he will face the elections first.According to the tension mounting in West Bengal with TMC goon blocking roads, destroying shops and BJP party office, the part also exposed it.
What the party lacks has been a proper study of economics and the censure Modi faced from globally famous magazines news papers to first have a grip over the economic fallout.Chances are less, as death of Left Government produced an illiterate mass of Opposition party supporters and TMC isn’t free from the influence either.

Thus the best way for them to wait for the outcome of 5 assembly elections “this will also test if Mamata went on the correct way. But she is confident that Modi would prove wrong she would stand correct,’’ said a TMC leader.So let CBI arrest any number of people they singled out as tainted, TMC leadership feel.


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