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Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

Saudi aid special mosques, B’desh liberals fear fundamentalism afoot

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indexKOLKATA : Bangladesh Government which very recently fell for Chinese aid story of $39 billion for development, has decided to accept a Saudi Arabian aid for `model mosques in every districts and Police Station.’
And a fundamentalist organization Jamaat very active against other communities, like Hindus and liberal writers (even Muslims), liberal Muslims, some of the top liberals feel “Bangladesh would rather fast become a land of wahabies (fundamentalists) and a defence burden for India.’’
Speaking to this writer a Dhaka politician of top Awami League ally, said: “we didn’t expect this to happen as we expected Prime Minister Begum Hasina and leader of Awami League to realize the nature of this Saudi Arabian intervention in the name of religion and how Saudi aid earlier worked in Pakistan.’’

Incidentally, he fears, like Pakistan, Bangladesh would soon see out of this aid for special mosques, rise of fundamentalists. “It is surely afoot,’’ he regrets.The politician who would rather remain anonymous, said “We have no doubts that Bangladesh, if AL allows this aid to get through as Prime Minister made a public announcement, would become a land of wahabies.’’

Interestingly, Bangladesh has recently shown an interest for breaking decades old ties with good old friends, like India, now Saudi aid would only propel it to a stand that “isn’t so India-friendly.’’Let us know Saudi aid to Islamabad has turned Pakistan into an unholy place, a nation which protects terrorists and wahabies, what will happen to our country where an inhuman organization like Jamaat is still creating mischief?’’ He said.
There is no problem with mosques, the problem is with intention. Surely Jamaat isn’t a peace loving organization, the Saudi aid would also slip into their hands.Allies thus failed to understand why AL and its leader Begum Hasina steps into an unsure world? What has been her agenda!’’ his party leader felt and alerted his men.


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