Sarada scam returns, to haunt Mamata in crucial LS elections

KOLKATA: Even as big scams still rock Congress-led UPA I & II nationally, the Enforcement Directorate’s  renewed efforts to reveal the `real’ Sarada Chit Fund scam, running into crores, has hit Trinamool Congress hard just before the elections begin in south Bengal.
The unfolding revelations due to ED’s recent interrogations of wife and son of Sarada Group’s former head Sudipto Sen (now in jail), has of late revealed the alleged involvement of  the TMC ministers and leaders are expected to damage the electoral fortunes of the party.
Incidentally, today’s latest being (as alleged (it’s alleged) that “it was Sudipto Sen who bought the pre-2011 Assembly elections paintings of Mamata Banerjee and his wife paid for the same.’’sarda
While party insiders believe the Congress which is likely to bite dust after election results are out in 2014, actually activated the investigations which would have gathered moss with Sen and his former chief executive officer of publications were languishing in jail, but it’s really now began to rock West Bengal, “eating the party and Mamata Banerjee’s image,’’ said a political observer.
What seems more damaging, that recent ED’s investigations revealed and dropped explicit hints that a huge amount was siphoned off  allegedly by TMC ministers and party-backed journalists one of whom is in jail with Sen now.And as ill-fate would have it, more than Bengal election news stories what is splashed in local media has been ED’s revelations!
“We are not afraid of this conspiracy, we all know what Congress leaders, including Gandhis, have been doing and gathering illegal funds at the cost of this nation, nor we think it will last after the elections, it was to damage us electorally,’’ said a senior TMC leader.But Sudito Sen seems and his chit fund scam is likely to have a decisive impact on Bengal poll.

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