Rail Minister Gowda’s Son, Accused of Rape by Actress, Faces Arrest

Karthik_gowda360BANGALORE: Union Minister Sadananda Gowda’s son Karthik, who has been accused of rape, kidnapping and cheating by a young actress who claims to be his wife, faces arrest after a court in Bangalore issued a warrant against him. The woman filed an FIR or police complaint the same day Karthik got engaged to another woman in Bangalore last week.
She claims Karthik took her to Mangalore and married her there on June 5 by “tying the thali or mangalsutra.” She told the media, “He told me I am his wife and I should listen to what he says. We became physically close after that. He did not even tell me he was getting engaged. He is my husband. He has to admit that he married me.
” Karthik Gowda has denied her allegations and alleged a conspiracy to discredit his father and ruin his political career. The union minister has said, “Take action against my son if he has done anything wrong. I would say the allegations against him as false. He is my son, but if the allegations are true then action can be taken.” In Congress-ruled Karnataka, the woman’s allegations had led to political protests and demands for Karthik’s arrest. The BJP, however, says the case smacks of political motives.

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