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Published On: Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

Post-demonetization, GST discontent, Mamata feelers for anti-Modi front

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mamata.KOLKATA : While slamming demonetization, GST as Tughlugi misadventure, TMC leader and Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee thanked all political parties, including NDA allies, that condemned both.
Incidentally, her attacks while lacked an edge of an economist, like former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh, but state BJP and their central leaders feared the data and figures that may  influence the voters in ongoing assembly elections.
Celebrating a black day the day demonetization began last year, Mamata pointed “the sorry state of affairs of unorganized sector in Gujarat in general and Surat in particular.’’She tried to hurt BJP’s poll preparation in Gujarat where it hurts them most, admitted a political observer here.
To get the educated young boys and girls backing she repeated and vitriolically condemned the jobless growth prescription of Modi and a declining GDP. She also revived the death stories of about `100 people who perished during exchange of notes in bank queues’, and countless incidents of poor workers who lost their jobs in unorganized sectors to deepen the embarrassment of Narendra Modi and BJP.
Even Janata Party prime minister Mrorarji Desai demonetized but inflation came down and black money got burnt out, but it did not cause so much discontent as it’s doing now,’’ said a former economics professor of Calcutta University.Why BJP didn’t shed tears for people who suffered and are still suffering? He quipped.

Though it’s not immediately known if the political parties Mamata thanked responded to her greetings for creation for a bigger anti-Modi and anti-BJP front in days to come, but Banerjee again branded her as anti-Modi.


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