Of a globally feared Indian leader, forgotten whether it’s UPA or BJP

NEW DELHI/ KOLKATA: For a handful of Indians – should be in minority ideologically – it doesn’t matter “which alliance comes to power, of course, for cause!’’“Our demand isn’t great, but if pre-poll predictions about BJP-led NDA is correct, then I would request the BJP-led NDA prime minister to take up the issue former NDA Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee set rolling on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose,’’ Dr Purobi Roy, former Asiatic Society and globally known scholar, told this writer.subhas
“But we also admit that chances are less, as Congress-led UPA led the nation into such economic disasters, that for compelling reasons new prime minister and his team will have to focus on these issues immediately, than on an engineered myth on Bose’s death, who during post-Second Great War, remained most feared leader with Great Britain, America and Soviet Union,’’ said a senior professor of JNU.
“After all, Congress-led UPA with the help of Left buried Justice Mukherjee Commission report so unceremoniously in Parliament in 2007, and nobody protested,’’ said Dr Roy.Interestingly, when a report came up in a national daily the “Stalin’s 45 Indian victims’’ (reproduced in Axis Forum), created no stir nor stirred up any heat or dust either with Congress,(though victims included Congress leader’s brother Sarojini Naidu) or with BJP! said Dr Puraby Roy.
Speaking to Newstrack an important BJP leader, in Delhi said: “We cannot say whether if it’s our government at he centre, we would take up the issue again….’’
While speculation over new government’s stand on Bose’s `death’ grows wild for these minority Indians, “but it seems, BJP is likely to settle down with one of the comeback fairy tales about Bose, and Gumnami Baba could be likely focus for the new Government,’’ said an Indian writer whose book on Bose created quite an interest with American and British publishers, but left their Indian counterparts cold!
“Let them first decipher 10 Bose dummies and identify them created by Intelligence Bureau’s top official BN Maulik, then we would accept Gumnami Baba,’’ said Dr Roy.While the author, who created interest among British and American publishers, preferred to remain anonymous, said: “Let’s  us leave it unsaid as whoever enters PMO, like Lal Bhadur Shastri or Morarji Desai would come to know why Bose was most feared by Great Britain, America, Russia and major Indian political establishments,’’ the author told Newstrack.

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