No More ‘Coolie’, They Are Now ‘Sahayaks’

coolie-shayak-railway-porter-istock_650x400_51456388258NEW DELHI: They are the men in red who will always find you and offer to carry your heavy bags. The iconic “coolie” will soon pass into history.
Announcing the Railway Budget today, Minister Suresh Prabhu said porters would now be called “Sahayaks” or helpers.Officials say the word “coolie” – the name originally given to local unskilled workers – was seen as a colonial relic.
The crimson uniform will also go in the drastic makeover that the railway ministry has planned.The ministers said the porters would be trained in soft skills.According to officials, the “Sahayaks” will also have the benefit of trolleys like airports.The coolie has also been the subject of books and films.

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