Nitish , Lalu and Sonia Hit Out at PM Modi Over Land Ordinance at Patna Rally

swabhimaan-rally_650x400_51440936498PATNA: At a mega rally in Patna today, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on land acquisition bill, saying he has been forced to bow “to the will of the people”.
“The rollback of the anti-farmer land bill is not PM Modi’s Mann ki Baat, it is the nation’s Mann ki Baat,” Mr Kumar said, taking a dig at PM Modi’s comments this morning on his monthly radio programme during which he said he was allowing the bill to lapse.
The Prime Minister, Mr Kumar said, did not get the support of the legislature or the people and “today he finally had to give in”

Calling the government “anti-farmer” Mrs Gandhi, who addressed the rally before Mr Kumar, said, “It snatches land from farmers to divide it among its handful of rich cronies”. The government has finished one fourth of its time but has done nothing except “showbaazi,” she added.
The two leaders were sharing stage today with RJD chief Lalu Prasad at the rally, which was  attended by tens of thousands of people.
Billed the “Swabhiman rally” (self-respect rally) the gathering was the first big show of unity against the common enemy – the BJP — after the leaders joined hands last year to defeat the National Democratic Alliance in the coming assembly elections.
Not unexpectedly, PM Modi’s earlier dig about Nitish Kumar’s political DNA came in for much criticism. “Some people constantly run down Bihar, make fun of its culture, find flaws in its DNA, call it bimaru,” Mrs Gandhi said.
“This is the place from where Gautam Buddha, Mahavir and Aryabhatta came… My DNA is the same DNA,” Mr Kumar said.

“You say this is Jungle Raj part 2. No, no, this is mangal raj (the government of the good) part 2,” said Lalu Prasad. “When two backward leaders came together the BJP started panicking… And now they are saying jungleraj,” he added.396002-lalu
“On Lalu and Nitish’s alliance he said that law and order situation in Bihar has worsened. What is the situation of Gujarat nowadays? Modiji must tell us,” says Lalu.The JD(U) and the RJD will contest 100 seats each in the 243-member Bihar Assembly elections, scheduled to end by November. The Congress will contest on 40 seats, the remaining three will be contested by Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party.
“BJP has betrayed Ganga and Lord Ram. It is Bharat Jalao Party. We don’t need Smart City, but Smart Villages,” says Lalu.” They consider people of Yadav community fools. When buffalo couldn’t harm us, will Narendra Modi be able to? People told us that they are being pressurised to cancel Lalu Prasad’s bail and send him to jail,” says Lalu.
“Today onion price has reached Rs 80 per/kg. Prices of gold and silver have come down, but onion prices have gone up,” says Lalu.
“Ramdev had told people that he’ll make us do yoga aasan, but when police came he himself did ‘koodaasan’. He escaped wearing women clothes,” says Lalu.
“Modiji had said that everybody will get Rs 15 lakh each after black money will be brought back, but all promises fell flat. People are feeling duped,” says Lalu.
” Jaitleyji had said that every third family in village is deprived of land and six lakh families are begging. Who are these people, Modiji please tell. They are Dalits, Muslims and backward classes,” says Lalu.
“You say it’s jungle part-II, no it’s a mangal-raj-II. People from here have come from all corners and you say it’s jungle raj. BJP wants to spread communalism,” says Lalu Prasad Yadav.
“We will create a Bihar where people don’t leave Bihar to find opportunities, but people come here. Women will get employment. Give us opportunity to serve you. By 2016, every village and district will have electricity. Bihar is moving ahead and our resources are increasing. Whatever we say, we implement it unlike them,” says Nitish.
“Delhi has high crime rate. Now tell me who’s handling police in Delhi. It is happening right under the nose of PM. The states, where police is under BJP government, have poor law and order situation. Delhi also tops in crime against women,” says Nitish.
“There are jokes circulating everywhere that former PM used to speak less and the current PM only speaks but doesn’t listen. PM Modi claims that there will be Jungle raj, but I assure you there will be no Jungle raj. Lies are being spread,” says Nitish.
“Jan Dhan accounts have been opened, but are they beneficial for people. We can understand that it takes time to bring back black money, but at least some amount could have been deposited in these accounts. Later, their president Amit Shah said that it was just a ‘phrase’.
He raised questions on our DNA, we have such a great history. Many great people, eminent personalities were born here and you calling our DNA defected. Chandragupta Morya, King Ashoka were born here, and you calling our DNA defected. Now, it is a challenge for people of Bihar, it’s about our self-respect,” says Nitish.

“NDA government had to roll back its anti-farmer Land Bill. People had protested against this Land Bill. PM Modi did not remember Bihar for 14 months, but suddenly have started showing care for this state. He had promised that black money amount will be transferred to people’s account, but nothing materialised. Even their former president Rajnath Singh had promised that black money will be brought back in 100 days, but one year has gone and nothing happened,” says Nitish.
“In Modi regime inflation rate has gone high, rupee has slumped. PM Modi is silent on many issues. People have to understand that those who displayed their 56-inch chest and made false promises should not be trusted again. We are here against BJP’s false promises and spreading of communalism. We have joined hands against anti-secular ideology. Our grand alliance is founded on the idea of walking the path of development.
“Modi government has completed one year but nothing is seen ground in terms of development. BJP has ruined the career of many youths through Vyapam scam. Moreover, farmers of Bihar are living a miserable life. Modi government is anti-farmer government. People have no faith left in Modi government, ” says Sonia.
“The large number of people present here today have proved that Bihar respects its self-esteem.
There are some people who insult Bihar by either raising questions on its DNA or calling it a ‘bimaru’ state. Congress has always respected Bihar. Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav should be applauded for their contribution in the development of Bihar. But, we need more development,” says Sonia.

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