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Published On: Thu, Dec 29th, 2016

Narendra Modi, Mamata, Rahul Gandhi gain, people lose it out

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56201048-cmsKOLKATA : More than Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mamata-Rahul meeting in Delhi on Tuesday, had hit pro-Congress lobby within Left and almost non-existent West Bengal Pradesh Congress leaders severely,’’ points a top leader in Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP).

“We have been warning CPI(M) and CPI for long to give up political line of opportunism, but by the dint of their muscle power they ignored us he added.So shaken appeared State Congress which has been carrying on with a movement against TMC Government and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

While the RSP leader’s hint spells a bad phase for pro-Congress CPI(M) and CPI leaders, Tuesday rolled out a phase of disaster for woe-struck Congress leaders who hopelessly watched how TMC eloped with their MLAs recently.Apparently, Mamata-Rahul meet may not have broken down Modi, Jaitley for their experiment what it takes to make India `black money’ free, but it certainly in part propelled missiles on their own party men.

Notwithstanding boycott from other parties which would have given an added edge, if Mamata-Rahul got coverage, media mileage, there’s no proof  yet if it could bring out a huge number Indian masses from Modi haze who still calls it with a touch of big leader an `unending fight against black money and corruption.’

Till yesterday from Deradhun Modi termed both Mamata Banerjee and Rahul Gandhi the ringleaders of course without naming them.And until BJP faced a state assembly elections and emerged victorious, “Modi can go on with his rhetoric but nothing will establish the truth,’’ said a top TMC leader.

“Why these people friendly politicians, lets say Modi-Mamata-Rahul did not speak about rural India where workers, in Beeri factories, jute mills lost jobs, jute mills couldn’t pay salaries to their workers and threatened to close down. They are all silent about the industrial slow down and job-market is badly affected. Modi is silent about foreign investments in post-demonitisation phase. Common man do not know intricacies of economics, for honest politician it doesn’t give license fool people, isn’t it?’’ asked an economist of Calcutta University.

Thus it’s more a personal fight between `Modi and Mamata, Rahul.’ For Mamata it led to killing pro-Congress Left and state Congress in her state, for Modi they gave him another chance to spread his haze on people who did not read economics. As for example they wouldn’t ever read Fobes editor’s slamming Modi for his so-called crusade against black money and corruption.



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