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Published On: Tue, Jan 3rd, 2017

Modi’s vision of digital India, also leaves State BJP without agenda

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aug-2015-issue_page39_image19KOLKATA : As overall Opposition parties go issueless for a long period, skipping issues and one more dying out in a ATM queue in this weekend in West Bengal, the dull and prosaic politics of demonitisation of Nrendra Modi, unfortunately did not leave the State BJP untouched either.

Interestingly, the state BJP, which leaned heavily on TMC for chit fund links, now Rose Valley taking its toll with CBI threatening to take action, does not have many words to afford to speak against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who is still shooting down Modi`s gunfire on development and a new cashless society.

“There’s nothing wrong in talking about a cashless society, like TMC is clamouring about,’’ said a top state BJP leader though he couldn’t come up with a list of political programme in the state for new year.
According to observers and grave-vine, the state BJP feels cowardly with number of dead at ATM queues piling up for a big number. Also it didn’t have a strategy to convert quiet a large number of voters who still have illusion about Black Money digging out operation,’’ says a professor of economics of Calcutta University.

It’s not an easy job, you need economists to explain to people why it’s bad or why it’s good for common man and they have no economists rallying for them,’’ he added. Apparently, the fact remains the state BJP which was supposed to have launched a counter-attack on Mamata Banerjee chose silence as the best escape route for the time being.

Since the currencies, Rs 500 and Rs 1000, discarded and was given a time to get them exchanged, one can see how crores of old currencies were used to purchase gold and jewelery and the black money holders had a key to get their huge old currencies converted,’’ so where is the black money digging operation?

All these factors seem to have silenced the State BJP which now would think twice before becoming a pro-active political party.Not surprisingly thus we would rather have a long time to come up with a solution,’’ whisper state BJP leaders.

Then you have Prime ministerial vision of cashless society. In present state of affairs only 5 percent people in the country know how to use ATM cards, debit or credit, we have difficulties to understand how he hopes all of us, including a huge rural population with no technology knowhow would learn digital money spending and transferring. This is a mad dream, we cannot subscribe to it.’’

A professor said. It’s like travelling into a fiscal darkness before budget, and state BJP fears the consequences, he observed.In the given situation vis-à-vis state’s political realism thus you cannot see State BJP with an agenda of political programme, observed a state BJP leader.


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