Modi must keep in mind minorities: Syed Bukhari

bukhariNEW DELHI : The country may face a spell of ”communalism” with the BJP set to form the next government at the centre, the Shahi Imam of Delhi, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, said Friday.”It is likely that we will be moving towards communalism,” Bukahri said.He added that the ”division of the secular vote” contributed to the improved performance of the BJP.
”The new government has to decide whether it will will follow its own agenda or the the constitution. If it follows the former, it poses a danger to the country. In a democracy, all kinds of things are said during an election. But afterwards, it is hoped that after capturing power, the new government will consider the country and its development first and take into account all religions before making any decision. The country cannot be run by breaking hearts,” Bukahri told reporter.
Asked if he feared discrimination of the minorities during the BJP rule, Bukhari said that ”there are no two opinions that since the 2002 Gujarat riots, the Muslim community does not like Narendra Modi and that sentiment stays. Only time will tell what he gives or does not give to the minorities.”

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