Modi Dares Election Commission to ‘File Another Case’ Against Him

BAKURA/ ASANSOLE/ KOLKATA:  BJP prime ministerial candidate Nanrendra Modi, who has been taking West Bengal seriously, censured Election Commission for “having failed to reign in wide-spread rigging’’ on 30th April the third round and again told voters that “if I come to power, I will take up the issue of State’s development which will force even Didi to work more on Sunday.’’modi-04
On EC, he said “if they could file an FIR against me, how they allowed wide-spread rigging in Bengal despite a machinery?’’Incidentally, Modi picked up the wide-spread disaffection among voters and opposition parties who alleged “rigging by TMC on 30th April poll’’ dismissed by EC’s state officials.But according political observers, Modi’s picking up the issue again will strengthen the hands of  complains against EC and TMC.
Modi while softened a bit on Mamata, but even on softer terms, he has hit Chief Minister where it would hurt her most. “I am not coming here for revenge because Didi tried to blacken my image on several occasions, but I came to assure you, if I come to power, Bengal will develop and Didi will have work hard on the same line.’’
But on condition that Bangladeshi infiltrators “now used as vote-banks by present Government would have to leave Bengal. The minorities who are driven out of Bangladesh will be given all respect and shelters, but others who are used as vote-bank will have no place in Bengal,’’ Modi told a big audience in Asansol.
But on Saradha scam, Modi challenged Mamata to prove that she is a tigress. “Tigers wouldn’t let corrupts to cheat poor like Saradha and politicians did. If you have enough guts, send the criminals to jail why you need to care for paper tigers (referring to Mamata’s deteriorating relation with media over scam).’’
However, Modi agreed with Mamata that the “Congress actually gave nothing to West Bengal, but if change puts me in Delhi, I will see that Bengal’s grievances are addressed,’’ adding it with a pinch of salt…. “in Gujarat minority have more per capita income than Muslims in Bengal.’’

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