Marching Orders to BJP MPs: Spend seven nights in their constituencies: Modi

bjp-parliament-meet_650x400_51462862494NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given marching orders to the BJP lawmakers. The Party  Members of Parliament have been ordered to spend seven nights in their constituencies ahead of the government’s second anniversary later this month. According to sources in the meeting, the order has been issued by the PM on Tuesday morning after he invited them for a discussion.

According to the directive by the PM, the Members of Parliament have been advised to use their house call to promote different welfare schemes launched by the government and reforms introduced by the government. They have also been asked to collate wish-list from the public. Following the exercise, a small team of MPs are to present the feedback to the Prime Minister.

PM Modi met his lawmakers this morning, said sources who were present.MPs are to use their house call to advertise the different welfare schemes and reforms introduced by the government, and to collate a wish-list from the public.The feedback is then to be presented to PM Modi by small clusters of MPs.

PM Modi met BJP lawmakers at a meeting this morning.May 26 is when the government completes Year 2 after the PM delivered a record victory for his party with the biggest margin in nearly three decades. Ministers will be rostered to travel to 200 places around India to share the accomplishments of their departments, and to address complaints, said Rajiv Pratap Rudy, a minister.

The PM’s big challenges include the exigent need to shake up the economy even as the opposition stalls major reforms, creating jobs, and improving farmers’ incomes despite prolonged drought.

Key states like Tamil Nadu and Bengal are voting now for their new government, and next year’s election in Uttar Pradesh will be seen as an indicator of how parties will fare in the general election in 2019.

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