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Published On: Mon, Dec 18th, 2017

Mamata terms Gujarat as `BJP’s moral defeat,’ but sees anti-incumbency factor as real

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mamata-stry_647_091517074306KOLKATA : I congratulate Gujarat voters for their very balanced verdict at this hour. It is a temporary and face-saving win, but it shows a moral defeat for BJP. Gujarat voted against atrocities, anxiety and injustice caused to the common people. Gujarat belled the cat for 2019.’’
A tweet by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee read this afternoon. While Banerjee sees a `moral defeat for BJP’ in Gujarat, observers here said she also recognized the anti-incumbency factor as real vis-à-vis the political investment made by the BJP in Gujarat

The political investment was huge both organizationally and otherwise, but return is low,’’ said a political commentator here. Incidentally, though Modi method was picked up by more than one politicians in India who feel social media reactions are better and safer than face to face interaction with media, Mamata thus chose to tweet and escaped reactions on crushed up hope of BJP in Bengal

But she also saw a political threat in anti-incumbency factor coming out of BJP’s remarkably less number of seats in Gujarat and in Himachal Pradesh despite their victory,’’ said a Left political leader.

And if CPI(M)-led Left Front had to go owing to anarchic and accumulated  decades old disappointment of voters, Mamata Banerjee should also look back into her performances all these years, feel intellectuals in the state.

If Modi team’s failure to sweep much in expected  way despite a huge political investments, Mamata Banerjee can also see into a real outcome calculation,’’ said a Left leader.
Though she can see into a more desperate attempt by Congress to forge an alliance – where she would have to for a place – she isn’t heading financially as rich a party as theirs. Thus Gujarat and Himachal outcome is a double-edge blade for all, isn’t it? Asked a political leader.


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