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Published On: Mon, Feb 13th, 2017

Mamata fears Modi’s attacks coming as Rats with Wings

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Mamata_Banerjee_360_Kanyashree_celebrations_PTIKOLKATA: As slowly Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee retreats from her all out campaign against demonetization, barring a few uninspiring remarks here and there, she seems to have realized Prime Minister’s attacks on parties or leaders on demonetization is hitting the state politics like Rats With Wings.
In six years as it all coincided with last Advocate General J Mitra and Additional Advocate General Laksmi Gupta quitting the job on 7th this month. And in six years Mitra happens to be the third AG to quit! It did earn a bad name to TMC in times of turbulence set off by Modi’s demonetization. “It’s all demonetization and after,’’ quipped a frustrated TMC leader.
While Mamata Banerjee doesn’t fear Congress nor an almost burnt out Left led by CPI(M), it fears state BJP though without a leader to challenge her. “At least they can keep her tossed up with hired metaphors from Prime Minister,’’ said a Congress leader.

Another factor which keeps her worried has been a section of people is no more listening to her voice as her partymen spreading violence and a kind of anarchy in districts that are torn apart in meaningless violence breaking out at the drop of a hat.

In Assembly during Budget Session while Opposition are routinely defying, but for many political observers “this time it was higher in degree, and more intensified.’’Though even after 90 days, most of the ATMs are either currency less or have currency of higher denominations causing people trouble.

Political observers are surprised why when situation is still far from normal, she walked out of her campaign against Modi-triggered demonetization nor she quite picked up the cause of several people who died during crisis in the queues.

The party insiders however believe that she got defocused as her partymen more into Chit Fund scams fear that an all out attack will only roll out more loss of face with Sudeep Banerjee still under detention in Rose Valley case.
Incidentally, Sharda Chit Fund scam was still fresh in the minds of people with lakhs of people didn’t get compensated for their being cheated.What seems to have fused the TMC leadership more has also been almost no response from other Opposition leaders at the national level,’’ observed a political commentator.

It also seems to have created a political whirl and landing in political landscape of Bengal like Rats With Wings.We have time as some politically important states, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh would go to polls soon, results would tell us where we stand on the issue of demonetization,’’ hoped a senior TMC leader. Till then TMC will have to deal with Rats With Wings, much like a former British Prime Minister said.


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