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Published On: Sat, Jan 7th, 2017

`Lonely,’ Mamata talks about an infighting in BJP to get Modi out

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ilssqnhnquagKOLKATA : Lonely Mamata Banerjee on the issue of demonetization in another desperate move would like an infighting within top BJP leader ship and its outcome to head the Government by discarding Narendra Modi.
Her disparate ways are evident as she found no worthwhile party or name backing her up for her demand for a BJP Government of consensus without Modi. According to political observers here, she had grown disparate as nobody, including the Congress, could do a little more hard-talking on this issue.

She drew  a blank from all regional heads, like Mayavati, Akhilish, even Orissa Chief Minister Naveen and all others,’’ an observer said, adding, she “now needs to know some strategies and not like creating an infighting within BJP.’

Meanwhile as GDP falls, closed factories piling up huge figure of people losing their jobs in Bengal which according to CM `already touched 81.5 lakh; state’s loss amounting to Rs 5,500 crore in revenue’ she “would only raise these issues of a national government,’’ says TMC legislative leader.

We expect more from Modi, we need to safe guard our areas of interests,’’ he added.Interestingly, with GDP falling to bring down growth to 7.1 percent will adversely affect the job markets.There is evidence that there’s already a slowdown in the economy.

But the political issue sends a message of unending confrontation. Apparently, at central level, BJP has already singled out Mamata to be a sworn enemy and likely to keep state under administrative and political stress, observers believe.


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