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Published On: Wed, Feb 21st, 2018

I won’t give note for vote, this is a new era: Kamal Haasan

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MNM-launch1jpgRAMESHWARAM: Actor Kamal Haasan has launched his political party “Makkal Needhi Miam ” at a public meeting in Madurai. He also unveiled the party flag.
Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal, former Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti, and farmers’ leader P.R. Pandian attended the launch conference.  A majority have asked this question, the moderator says, “Where were you till now?”. For this he says I was in your hearts (ullam) till now. Hereafter, I will be in your homes (illam). I cease to be a star. Please treat me like a lamp in your house.
How long will you last? I have answered this question. Till my last breath. Who is your leader ? Gandhi, Periyar or Kamarajar? I like every one. I like all of them. I like him (points at Aravind Kejriwal). I like Pinarayi Vijayan too. He seeks personal sacrifices to end corruption while answering a question.
Will you continue the “quarter for men, and scooter for women” culture? I won’t. I will empower you to make you buy scooters for others. Exhorts equal status for women in response to a question.

Tamil is dying in Tamil Nadu, what are you going to do? Speak Tamil. Tamil will live. But we need to hate any other language. Will your children come to politics? Yes. They will. Here… (points to the crowd).  (Thunderous applause).
Responding to criticism, he says, he will choose to ignore them and keep up with our work. “If you are angry at us, pls come up with good work. We will go home. But you can’t. Because due to you only we have come to politics.”
“Good education must reach all, communal and religious instigation must end. We will achieve it and be an example to all. If we end corruption, there will be no dearth or stoppage of amenities or access to services.” I won’t give note for vote, he says. Asks youngsters to upgrade their skills. He seeks a break with the past, saying this is a new era.
On Cauvery, he says if there’s a proper dialogue, any State can get anything from any other State. “We should cultivate their humanity.”“They are asking us wthetehr we are Left or Right. That’s why put a Centre in our flag,” he says.  We will follow in the footsteps of the likes of the Justice Party. (Justice Party was transformed into the Dravidar Kazhagam by Periyar in 1944).

“Those who have little left in terms of age are mocking at my age. But I have come here live long like a 40-year marriage. But I have come here in search of the next generation.”

“The rest of my life is for you. That’s why this hurry and I want it succeed in my lifetime,” he says. “This party, registered in the Election Commission, will not the one which ends with me. It will go on for at least three-four generations more.” Quotes Gandhi. Says one man’s greed will destroy society. Strongly speaks against the vote-for-Rs. 6000 culture.
He says the six hands indicate six States (including Puducherry, perhaps) of South India and the star is the people, he says explaining the party logo featured in the flag.
If you don’t want corruption vote for Kamal Haasan: Kejriwal “I congratulate Kamal Haasan on giving an alternative to the people of Tamil Nadu. Till now the State was stuck between two corrupt parties. Like the people of Delhi I can see now it is the time for this State to free itself from corruption,” says Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.
Speaking about the Aam Admi Party he says that the party has seen a huge success in Delhi within six months of its formation.”If you want schools, hospitals, roads and electricity; If you want an honest government, vote for Kamal Haasan,” Mr. Kaejriwal says.

The party’s office-bearers are being introduced. Thangavelu, introduced as a national-level office-bearer, says Kamal Haasan Fans Clubs had been an apolitical organisation for 37 years.

A 15-member high-level panel has been announced. Retired IPS officer, A.G. Mourya, actor Sripriya, Tamil professor and actor A.S. Gnanasambandan, Kameela Nazar (actor Nazar’s wife) and writer Su Ka are among them.

Kerala CM , Pinarayi Vijayan’s feliticitation played at the venue. Vijayan says Kamal Haasan is dear to him and people of Kerala. Kamal Haasan started his fillm career in Malayam industry, he says. “Kamal has been a unifying factor for Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Tamil Nadu has witnessed several social and political reforms that has impacted Kerala too. He hoped that Kamal Haasan’s entry into political arena would enrich Tamil Nadu. He exuded confidence that the new party upholds secularism  democracy and pluralistic society where all voices are heard.”
Kamal Haasan unfurls his party’s flag featuring six united hands — three each in white and red — with a white star in the middle, at Madurai.  Haasan’s announces party name — Makkal Neethi Maiam (Centre for People’s Justice). He says he is just a tool, not a leader and it is a party of leaders. now calls for volunteers with slogans like “Let us unite to build a progressive Thamizh Nadu,” interestingly spelling “Thamizh” with “zh” instead of “Tamil” used commonly.

Haasan’s supporters from all over Tamil Nadu have started thronging the venue of his public meeting at Othakadai in Madurai, where he is set to unveil his party’s name, flag and manifesto.

He assured that he would meet them often to get to know their problems and find solutions. “There are many issues including the need to respect international maritime boundary line,” he said.

Fans who waited outside Gandhi Mahal ahead of the address, said they believe that Mr. Haasan will bring positive resolutions to the table. “We should be allowed to vent our grievances,” they said.

K. Sivaperuman, a member of the local fishing community and part of the Meenavar Colony said, “He (Kamal) did not pay any heed to us. We are disappointed that he didn’t ask us about the lack of basic necessities in Rameswaram’s fishing community,” he said.

Haasan said there was “no politics” involved in his visit to the late APJ Abdul Kalam’s residence in Rameswaram, or his proposed one to a school, which did not fructify as the administration denied him the permission, where the former President had studied.

Mr. Haasan visited the House of Kalam and sought blessings of the former President’s elder brother, Mohammed Meeran Lebbai Maraikayer, before the actor launches his political party later on Wednesday.
“Cinema is a medium to connect with people and so is politics. But there is more responsibility as a politician. It was like barter system-there money for my talent. But there is no such thing here ” he said.



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