Huge Modi victory, two BJP seats in Bengal script Mamata’s look smaller

KOLKATA:  A huge BJP-Modi victory in Delhi and two BJP seats in Bengal set to script Mamata Banerjee’s  look smaller.Though a grim-faced Mamata Banerjee while briefing media at her residence this evening said: “this victory  belongs to Ma, Mati (earth), Manush (humanity)…it also gave a fitting answer to people who tried to blacken our image which never happened here (conveniently forgetting her dirty attacks on Modi and others!).’’mamta
A veteran political commentator, speaking to Newstrack said: “if you look at faces of Mamata Banerjee’s LS candidates, barring Saugoto Roy, a professor of Calcutta University, there’s hardly any face who can represent Bengal’s problems in new Parliament. Her victory goes to people’s hatred towards CPI(M)-led Left….’’“As for example, she chose another professor from a big family whose father, he conspired with Congress to prove Netaji died in fake plane crash in 1945,’’ said another political observer.Now, coming to brass tacks, Mamata Banerjee’s victory (with both CPI(M) with only two seats, and Congress with four)  linked to “terrorization and rigging.’’
Speaking to media, state Congress leader Pradeep Bhattacharya said: “We could hold on to Murshidabad and Malda despite terror and rigging, it’s an achievement for us.’’ Incidentally, Pranab Mukherjee’s son also won his father’s seat.Yet what set to look Mamata Banerjee’s  huge victory smaller was her half-hearted Indiatour and everywhere she asked voters not to vote for a “communal face’’ (Modi) could not be totally sold out to minority even in Bengal. “It also signaled in days to come BJP would emerge as a political rival in a state which once happened to be the home Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee who fathered, (even after his death in Kashmir in 1953) BJP whom Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee called “communal,’’ but chief minister Jyoti Basu corrected party stand and strongly disapproved Buddha!

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