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Published On: Tue, Feb 21st, 2017

Hasina likely to reschedule her India visit in April

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sheikhhasina_0_0_0_0_0KOLKATA/DHAKA: Even as Indian Foreign Secretary Jai S Jaishankar is scheduled to visit Dhaka this week, Bangladesh Prime Minister Begum Hasina is coming under political pressure to mend nation’s pledge to maintain good relations with New Delhi.

Sources said while three issues – growing terrorism, River Teesta (in North Bengal) pact, and her quest for new friends in diplomatic terms would be discussed, during talks especial emphasis would also be placed on postponing her visit to India.
Incidentally, sources said that Begum Hasina postponed her tour scheduled to be held on 18th December last year, she avoided it apparently for Chinese entering Bangladesh with a massive developmental fund for a river bridge project,’’ sources in Dhaka said.
Some of her allies in Bangladesh reported to have said “any new strategy cannot be leaving relations with India aside.’’However, it’s true that China has entered India’s neighbours in a big way from Nepal, Bangladesh and even to a point Sri Lanka while Pakistan has always been under its military colonization. But we can avoid it and talk out the funding of development issues with Delhi,’’ said Dhaka-based politician.
Political observers said with China having entered Bangladesh with $ 39 billion, “in which she took a personal interest may not yield a good diplomatic result with getting cold to nation’s biggest neighbour, India.’’
A good relation with India, would have kept the fundamentalist forces under tight lease which is not happening,’’ said a liberal politician.She need to rework on her new foreign policies as it included a special Soudi aid for “Special Mosque in every district and Police Station,’’ he added saying “mosque isn’t a problem, but Saudi fund may slip into Jamaat hand that would create problem.’

Let’s wait and see the outcome of Indian Foreign Secretary’s visit,’’ felt a political observer.


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