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Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Durga Puja doesn’t bode well as Bengal shuts out with Darjeeling, Roy

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mamata-royKOLKATA : As Bengal shuts its door to the world for another four days to celebrate Durga Puja, the festivities do not fetch a message of hope for the state. As for example, if life limps back to a disturbed Darjeeling under an extended threat of `more violence’ if things aren’t like they wanted, former TMC leader’s quitting the party with state BJP hinting more central leaders’  visit to West Bengal to examine Mukul Roy’s chances in state unit, fetch no good news for the State either.

They called off 105 days of bandh only under an extended threat of more violence to blackmail both Central and State Governments when they actually failed to persuade hill’s businessmen,’’ admitted a senior district official, adding, “thus violence isn’t over yet.’’ Significantly, if this happens to be the case of disturbed Darjeeling, Mukul Roy’s decision to quit the party just before the celebration began, brings no happy news for ruling Trinamool Congress or politics in Bengal.

Roy can float his own party and give political shelter to TMC people who have been humiliated by Mamata Banerjee, is also a big possibility and that can spread a wider political dissent in the state,’’ added, a veteran Congress leader.Yet, it would be an easier political option for  Roy as even with his new party, he can stay closer to BJP which has been talking of political violence against TMC. It will only step up disruption in Bengal, feels a senior political writer. Interestingly, Banerjee didn’t come up with a one line statement on Roy episode and is away from the city!

And amidst this uncertainties, while Roy will not be able to match Mamata Banerjee but will gain as anti-TMC force, and with “Narendra Modi’s GST-triggered inflation would only make the life more miserable for common man with jobless growth. But the issue would be ignored or forgotten by political leaders, said a Calcutta University professor of economics,  adding “It’s post-demonetization and GST regime no body spoke against consistently.’’


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