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Published On: Tue, May 7th, 2019

“Don’t Know Much About Balakot Strikes: Sunny Deol

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3a100de2b8744d125b5febe7ffffac48GURDASPUR : Bollywood actor Sunny Deol might have been very vocal about his sentiments about Pakistan in reel life but in real life the case is quite different. Unlike other politicians, who never miss a chance to badmouth Pakistan, Mr Deol chooses his words carefully.

“Movies are different but this is not a movie this is real life. I have always done positive roles in my life my sentiments are also same,” he said. Talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sunny Deol said, “In the last five years, Modiji has done a great job. I want him to continue with this good work… after all to keep the nation together and take it forward are signs of a good leader,” he told NDTV.
So, is he a politician with a difference? Unlike other politicians he does hold back his opinion and openly acknowledges he is new in this business. “I do not know much about issues like Balakot strikes or India’s relations with Pakistan. I am here to serve people; if I win maybe I will have an opinion, right now I don’t,” he admits.

Mr Deol, 62, is BJP’s choice to wrestle the Gurdaspur seat back from Congress. In blistering heat on Monday, he carried out a five-hour roadshow for the third consecutive day. When asked if he is encashing his popularity or riding high on the Modiwave he gave a simple answer.
“I don’t want to encash anything, I just want to work for my country. If I win, I will try to do good work. People often say that politicians never do anything. I thought why not and to change that I have joined politics. If your principles are right you can achieve anything,” he said.
As Mr Deol’s roadshow passes the dusty bylanes of Gurdaspur, people throng to get a glimpse of the action hero. “I have come here to see Sunny Deol. He has just joined BJP,” says a young girl, waiting by the roadside.The girl’s grandmother too is a fan of the actor. “We will ensure that he wins,” she smiles.
The road show went on for five hours from one village to another. With each passing village his cavalcade grew in size. Sitting atop his SUV he waves at the crowd, obliges people with autographs but does not say much. His mission is clear- to make Narendra Modi Prime Minister once again.



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