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Published On: Wed, Jun 7th, 2017

Donkey fed to tigers in China zoo

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600916-chinaooBEIJING : A video of a live donkey fed to tigers in China zoo has gone viral on Internet.The video shows a donkey being pushed out of a truck into a tigers’ enclosure, following which the two big cats attack the herbivore.One of the tigers attacked the donkey’s back, while the other clawed at the back and head of its prey.The zoo visitors described the incident as ‘bloody’.

A group of angry zoo investors at Changzhou zoo in Yancheng city in Jiangsu province pushed a donkey to feed two big cats “in a fit of rage”.Reports say that shareholders were upset as no profits were emerging from the zoo.The group of men who committed the inhuman act later apologised to the public and assured that such acts won’t be repeated again.

The entire incident was captured in camera.The Paper quoted an unnamed investor as saying: “Since we could not have any benefits, we thought why not feed to the tigers, at least we can save on animal feed.ndtv.


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