Didn’t do Swachh Bharat campaign for photos says Salman khan

salmankhan-10facts-bigMUMBAI: Superstar Salman Khan says his participation in the Swachh Bharat campaign is not a publicity gimmick.
The 49-year-old “Dabangg” actor had taken to social media to talk about his plans to nominate 100 followers every month for the campaign.
When asked about his personal contribution to the campaign, Salman said, “I have made a clean movie. Do you follow me on Twitter? That (Swachh Bharat) was not a photo session. We nominated 100 people out of which 11 are given gifts for the cleaning activity they do. This is just the beginning lets see what happens next.”
Salman, who was nominated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the campaign, had also initiated a clean-up drive in Karjat.The campaign was kick-started by Modi last year and saw Salman picking up the broom.

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