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Published On: Tue, Feb 4th, 2020

Chinmayanand Case: Student Silent When ‘Virginity At Stake’, Judge Notes

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03_02_2020-chinmayanand__2_1_19996459LUCKNOW : While granting bail to BJP leader Chinmayanand, who was accused by a law student of sexually exploiting her, a court in Uttar Pradesh on Monday suggested a “quid pro quo” between the accused politician and the young woman and that they used each other.
The Allahabad High Court also observed that it was “astonishing” that “a girl whose virginity is at stake” did not tell her parents or a court about being sexually harassed by Chinmayanand.

“A girl whose virginity is at stake, not uttering a single word to her own parent or before the court regarding the alleged incident is astonishing conduct that speaks volumes about the ingeniousness of the prosecution story,” the High Court order says.
“The court draws its conclusion that it was a complete matter of quid pro quo”… but over a span of time, the greed for extracting more, the girl along with her accomplices seem to have advanced (to) hatching a conspiracy against Chinmayanand and tried to blackmail him for ransom through the obscene video clips recorded by herself,” said Justice Rahul Chaturvedi.
“Both the parties crossed their limits and at this stage it is difficult to adjudicate as to who exploited whom? In fact both of them used each other.”Chinmayanand, 72, was arrested in September over charges that he misused his authority and induced the 23-year-old student at a law college he runs in Shahjahanpur town to have sex with him. The young woman accused him of rape and blackmail for over a year.
The student was also arrested soon after, on charges of trying to extort the former union minister. The court repeatedly questioned the woman’s conduct in the entire episode.”What is mind boggling, disturbing and matter of concern that the girl comes into contact with Chinmayanand, seeks and enjoys his ‘patronage’ and ‘benevolence’ as well as on her family members and in lieu of that she was said to be exploited physically by him, keeps mum throughout the entire long period for almost nine to 10 months. She never shared anything with anyone including her parents,” said the court order.
“On the other hand, during those dark period (sic), on her own, she purchased a spy camera fitted goggles, from which she shot nude pictures and recorded videos of the accused, which were used by her in demanding the ransom money from Chinmayanand, after blackmailing him. During the entire period of the alleged atrocities committed by Chinmayanand, she was sharing private moments with him, got her family members employed in the college and other material benefits from him.”(NDTV).


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