BJP-led NDA yes, but cruelty of price rise no! Bengal voters remind Modi, Mamata

mamtaKOLKATA: `BJP-led NDA yes, but cruelty of price rise no!’ Seems to be the popular refrain. And if cruelties of price rise (largely triggered by dishonest business men) is gradually eroding layer of BJP support-base with not-so-privileged neo-rich middle-class, the phenomenon, ironically hit the Trinamool Congress as well. “If Narendra Modi’s poll promises and at today’s party nation conference on just ensuring economic comfort isn’t addressed then 17.2 percent Bengal vote in LS will prove an optical illusion,’’ said a professor of Economics of Calcutta University. “And ironically, like Tapas Pal’s hate speech, hurtling inflation, would also rattle up Mamata’s support base,’’ he added. Incidentally, only two days back she publicly censured local businessmen and retailers for refusing to lower potato price, but they seemed to have taken her threats in their strides and ignored it with contempt. “We don’t care who threatens us, we know what we are selling,’’ said a potato seller in one of city’s oldest vegetable market near Sealdha Railway station!

“It’s also because Centre is acting rather callously,’’ said a senior TMC leader. Interestingly thus, despite Modi and party’s new president’s loud-thinking about “people’s well and party’s being’ they’re slowly getting crushed out which even destabilized BJP’s state party unit,’’ feel political observers. “We thought Modi and his new team would do something drastic, like breaking down the back bone of black-money run parallel economy to bring down price and dishonest business men, like Morarji Desai (who demonetized stored Rupee 1000 notes) and brought down price level!’’ said and old Janata party leader who retired from politics. “Mamata cannot do she has proved it on so many occasions, but people expected BJP with historic mandate to act,’’ he added.

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