BJP blasts Rahul Gandhi for supporting Aamir Khan

imagesNEW DELHI: Attacking Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain on Tuesday  said there was a “deep political conspiracy” by the Congress to defame the country by harping on an atmosphere of intolerance, after Rahul Gandhi backed the actor’s comments.
“Where will Aamir and his family go other than India,” he wondered in response to the actor’s remarks yesterday that his wife Kiran Rao had even suggested that they should probably leave the country. “There is no other better country like India and no better neighbour than a Hindu for an Indian Muslim. What is the situation in Muslim countries and Europe.
There is intolerance everywhere,” Hussain, a national spokesperson of the BJP, told a press meet here.”India is the most secular state where Muslims enjoy equal rights. In our country, an artist is not judged by his caste and religion but by his art,” he said.
Hussain said if Aamir feels the situation is so bad in the country and that he is contemplating to leave, he should convince us. “We are ready to debate,” he added and wondered who is advising the actor. Hussain also took a swipe at the Congress Vice President for coming out in support of Aamir Khan.
“This shows Congress complicity in the campaign to malign the country. Congress cannot tolerate an elected government and a popular Prime Minister.
When the country is progressing under the leadership of Narendra Modi, Congress is creating an atmosphere to malign the country,” he charged. “Congress is responsible for the massacre of Sikhs and many communal riots.
The party should not teach the country about tolerance and intolerance. Aamir Khan should know that this is incredible India and ‘Atulya Bharat’ and one should not do anything to malign the image.
“Aamir had gained respect, fame and wealth due to the love and respect of all Indians. When you become a star your comments may get you headlines and good coverage but they are used against the country by the enemies,” he said.
Hussain said Aamir’s comments show that he is not scared but was scaring others and the BJP rejects his charge.Further hitting out at the Congress vice president, Hussain said, “Rahul (Gandhi) says government should reach out to people to understand what’s disturbing them.
If his father late Rajiv Gandhi had done so, the Sikh massacre would not have taken place. Where is intolerance in India?” He said Aamir is the first person to have spoken about leaving the country and this is not right. It has to be condemned, he said.
To a question on whether Aamir should listen to his wife and leave the country, Shahnawaz said BJP does not want to interfere in family matters.
When asked if Aamir will be taken off the ‘Incredible India’ campaign, he said,” That’s not the issue as of now.” The BJP spokesman alleged that Congress leaders Mani Shankar Iyer and Salman Khurshid visit Pakistan and berate the Indian government

“Another Congress leader Shakeel Ahmed chooses to highlight religion of some criminals. This is nothing but a dangerous trend to disturb the peace in the country.
From opposing the BJP and the BJP government, the Opposition party is now against the country,” he added. To a question on whether India should play cricket with Pakistan on a neutral venue, he said, “The matter is between PCB and BCCI. The issue has not reached the domain of the Central government.”

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