Bharat Ratna for Netaji, “a Congress plot getting shape under new BJP ’’

netajiKOLKATA/ NEW DELHI : On April 3rd a tweet read:A few Indians who believed Modi would have opened up Netaji mystery, likely to get shock as Gumnami baba myth is catching on with new BJP!’’It was indeed a prophetic tweet way back in April when Narendra Modi didn’t become Prime Minister
“And when his Government dropped hints that Netaji would be a likely Bharat Ratna, and agency reporters had to depend exclusively on relatives of Netaji to condemn the decision and Right and Left (Bengal and Delhi) leaders greet it with silence, Modi’s election campaigns which it seemed to have won BJP a mandate, also gave him a right to rewrite Indian history,’’ commented a well known writer Partha Banerjee (not real name as he fears his research Bose’s end in former Soviet Union with proof, likely to endanger fate of his manuscript from Putin-ruled Russia and Power coterie in Delhi).
Incidentally, a former `fan of Bose’ Narashima Rao also tried the same game but got a brutal rebuttal from Netaji’s wife, who lived a dignified life till the end. And a very very senior Congress leader was crushed up and was asked to leave her home when he proposed that “she accept Netaji’s death on (fake) 18 August 1945 in Taiwan.’’
“But Bharat Ratna for Bose is one such move with a little difference,’’ admitted a state Forward Bloc leader who was equally surprised about silence his party is maintaining!
“At least if BJP-led NDA finally succeeded in Bharat Ratna for Netaji, seven-decade-old Congress’ Goebelian lie as truth and no further inquiry on its part’’ said a JNU Professor of History.“As a historian, I believe truth must come out and when it’s known to the people who matter,’’ he added, saying, “Napoleon died of cancer, but British Government to put arsenic treatment to hasten it up with French leader isn’t hidden anymore.’’
Let’s accept new researches on the issue, and “let us admit Netaji was second to none, in giving British empire the last crushing blow, even admitted British Government documents and English historians,’’ said the professor.
“Thus Bose couldn’t be belittled by getting Bharat Ratna, politicians like Morarji Desai are rare (who informed the LS that his government rejects two Congress sponsored Committee (by Nehru) and Khosla Commission (by Mrs Indira Gandhi) conclusions as untrue,’’ recalled an old Janata Party leader here. “So it was equally difficult to get a President like Neelam Sanjiva Reddy who was ready to take up the issue of Netaji in Russia with Kremlin,’’ he added.
“And how you expect a voice from Bengal? When Mamata-run Government in school history book terms revolutionaries as terrorists?’’ he quipped.“If present RSS and BJP leadership under new PM wants to rewrite Indian history, it would last for only officially for few decades, it’ll crumble to dust afterwards, so I would suggest to Netaji lovers not to worry,’’  said Partha Banerjee.


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