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Published On: Wed, Jan 17th, 2018

Bengal Business summit sees big leaders promise investments, jobs

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BGBS-MBKOLKATA : Bengal Global Business Summit which began after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for the last three months toured London and nation’s financial capital Mumbai to mobilize favourable opinion of corporate leaders, began here on a gala note mixed with business leaders praising Banerjee and the promise of attractive investment destination in East India.

Though none from the BJP-led NDA participated in the summit, but that didn’t take winds out of the meet. From Jindal, Goenkas, Mittal, Mukhesh Ambani to French and Chinese participants are meeting here promising massive investments and job creations.

On the second day of the meet today Banerjee said “so far business leaders promised Rs 2 lakh and 20 thousand crore investment which we estimate would create great avenues for job.’’

While Mamata Banerjee took veil of opposition accusations saying `TMC party’s strong-arm tactics would recreate a bad situation for Bengal,’ she warned her unruly party men “no one will be forgiven if they create road blocks to investments and their executions. For we cannot grow without investments. ’’

In another interesting turn and twist she linked industry and agriculture, saying, “both are sisters and should grow together.’’Though not exactly known how much the business leaders promise fructified of the last year’s promises, but this time while BJP-led NDA boycotted her meeting, she has proved she’s more investment friendly than Modi’s government in Centre,’’ says a pro-TMC intellectual.
She is even expected to change land laws which will enable State Government to take over the lands lying in closed industries.This will help recreation of infrastructure which for the last two-decade or more Bengal is lagging behind, observe an economist of Calcutta University.
However, state government which is into a massive campaign on summit, is expected to come up with a more open picture at the end.



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