As EC refuses to relent, uncertain CM leaves Bengal’s electoral fate hanging

KOLKATA: As `seemingly anarchist’ West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee began to show olive branch today after her outbursts against Election Commission’s ordering transfer of five SPs, one district magistrate and two additional magistrates, by evening (6.00 pm) on Tuesday the sources in Chief Electoral Officer, Sunil Gupta confirmed that EC in Delhi, refused to budge “merely extended deadline of executing the order till 10.00 am tomorrow without change in the original order.’’
The sources in office of State Chief Secretary said by 11.30 am he sent a letter to EC requesting to reconsider the order and if transfer is must: his letter suggested alternative names of officers who could be acceptable to the State Government.WB
But sources said, when the intimation arrived with state Chief Secretary and CeO in the evening, EC merely extended the time of executing the transfer till 10 am tomorrow!Though till this evening while Mamata Banerjee in Purulia rally slightly toned down saying: “We respect you (EC), but you have no right to show disrespect to us,’’ the issue what still rattles the senior bureaucrats most is to get the transfer order signed up by Chief Minister who is now in remote South Bengal districts busy with her political rallies.’’
“Chief Minister will have to sign the order up much before 10 am in the morning tomorrow,’’ said a top bureaucrat.`If what to do with strict order with EC rattles the office of Chief Secretary,’ Mamata’s still somewhat unbending attitude (though a bit softened up) has pushed the state machinery under great pressure.“She should understand, it’s no political fight, she will have to listen to EC’s orders as it is constitutional,’’ said Biman Basu, CPI(M) state leader and Politbureau member.
So `Mamata’s anarchist ways’ came in for serious criticisms from state BJP and Congress leaders, saying: “She is playing gamble with the electoral fate of the state, as consequences would be tougher and hard for the state,’’ said Rahul Sinha, state BJP president.
So protested lakhs of Calcutta University students who do not want their already unsettled exam schedules to get further destabilized, like it happened due to unmanageable Mamata’s rage last year panchayat poll.“Only ego and fight for so-called personal gain can produce a modern anarchist in Bengal, educationally destroyed by Congress and CPI(M), but you’ll not get the ones we once saw in Bengal,’’ lamented a veteran political commentator.

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