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Published On: Fri, Dec 1st, 2017

As China fakes solution, India retreats, Rohingyas not going back to home

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KOLKATA/ DHAKA: A little more than 7 lakh Rohingyas now GettyImages_847251220.0gradually settling down in Bangladesh and after Chinese intervention Myanmar agreeing to take back 300 fled out ethnic people every day, “actually none would finally go back to their homeland.’’
As even less than one percent with Myanmar Government recognized Identity Card, finally poor 9 lakh Rohingyas will have no option but to stay back, and Dhaka will have to listen to Chinese dictate,’’ feel a badly cornered Bangladesh liberal and a political party leader in Awami League’s Mahajot (alliance).

Even if at a latter day terms and conditions are softened up, 300 Rohingyas per day “would take six to seven years to clear up a displaced 9 lakh people,’’ political parties feel. According to party insiders, the problem began with Chinese intervention as “it faked peace without any eye to real solutions.’’

Interestingly, it all become easier for Beijing as India “failed to come up with any real solution.’’Both Dhaka-based commentators and politicians felt while initially Rohinghya issue cornered Myanmar globally, neither New Delhi nor US could take any initiative to pressurize Myanmar to take back the forced out and tortured Rohingyas on human ground.

And an expansionist China which had an eye on both strategically important Bangladesh and Myanmar faked a solution on promises of funding developments,’’ said a top Dhaka-based political leader. Both India and US left strategically important  east Asians nations to China. And Bangladesh without an option gave in to “China throwing its  weight on a faked solution.’’

According insiders in major political parties in Bangladesh shocked over the disastrous outcome of operationalizing this fake solution on promises of development, feel if Dhaka failed to persuade Delhi, then Delhi also failed to see the implications of leaving these strategic areas to China.
We have no ideas how many Chinese agents have already infiltrated into Bangladesh? Certainly, Dhaka intelligence is not a match for Beijing’s. This apparently makes India now encircled by Chinese-friendly nations a little more vulnerable,’’ quips a veteran Awami League leader.


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