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Published On: Thu, Oct 5th, 2017

Angry GJM group disrupts West Bengal BJP’s Chief Dillip Ghosh visit to Hill

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dilip_ghosh_1KOLKATA: State BJP leaders’ visit to Darjeeling ended in a major political impasse as anti-Bimal Gurung faction of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) led by Binoy Tamung created a massive disruption during their programme. The BJP state president Dillip Ghosh, visibly embarrassed and harrassed, was forced to take shelter in thana, latter told media that “it’s TMC and Binoy Tamung faction deliberately created this violence to spike our programme.’’

And not alone Ghosh, all local and BJP team from Kolkata had to disperse and take shelter in thana cancelling their programmes, reports reaching here on Thursday evening said. Incidentally, Ghosh who praised Bimal Gurung, now absconding GJM leader and taken over by Binoy Tamung, “apparently created a political problem for a faction-ridden GJM with whom state government is wrestling for a solution,’’ admitted GJM insider.

By praising Bimal Gurung, Ghosh he said not only antagonized Binoy Group, “but also other political groups in hills.’’However, reacting to Ghosh’s allegation that TMC was also part of this conspiracy hatched by Binoy Tamung group, party leader Partha Chattopadhyaya told media here that “Ghosh had no understanding of Hill problem so he spoke and provoked violence.’’

Significantly, Ghosh has created a problem for BJP-led NDA at the Centre as he `antagonized political parties in the hill.’This mess up happened when the state government had without giving a clear signal if talks would be held on Gorkha Land or more power to local GTA, agreed to convene an all party (all hill parties) meeting in State Capital on 16th this month.

Bimal Gurung faction which carried out a little more than 105-day bandh thus crippling the economy of the hill, including tea gardens, was forced out as Binoy Tamung group took over with tacit approval of the TMC. Interestingly, when recently party president Amit Shah visited the State, he avoided taking any position on Darjeeling issue.
If Centre takes Ghosh’s embarrassment as their own, Hill issue is set to look forward to more violence. If however BJP’s leadership blames Ghosh for “provoking violence and inept handling,’’ he “would be advised to become more wise,’’ felt a state party veteran.







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