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Published On: Wed, Dec 14th, 2016

Absenteeism at work place is as old as the second oldest profession on the globe

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maxresdefaultNEW DELHI : Absenteeism at work place is as old as the second oldest profession on the globe. Neither the public nor private have been able to find a fix to the problem.

So how can the Union Ministry of Personnel be an exception to this unwritten rule? It is faced with a dilemma on how to deal with the errant Public Assistants who are designated as nodal officers in respect of the individual web sites of various central government ministries and departments.

Last Friday in an official memorandum marked `most immediate’ addressed to each of the nodal officer Gayatri Mishra, a Director level officer in the Ministry of Personnel referred to DoPT’s earlier reference of even no. dated November 11 regarding on-line alignment of Public Authorities (PAs) and said “It has been noted time and again that the nominated Nodal Officers of a number of Public Authorities (PAs) under various Ministries /Departments are not turning up for the training /workshop organised by this department specifically for their alignment, thereby unduly delaying their process of alignment with the DoPT’s RTI online portal. 

Attached with the letter is the list of 33 such repeatedly defaulting absentees are at Annexure-I. 

It pointed out that out of a total number of PAs who were invited for training sessions in November, 2016, Nodal Offices of 66 PAs neither did attend the workshops nor share their details for creating Username and Password, a step required to be done before online alignment is made. The list of these 66 PAs is enclosed as Annexure-II. 

“Since all the Central PAs (around 2000) will have to be aligned in a time bound manner a target/timeline fixed and monitored at the highest level), DoPT is organizing yet one more training/workshop especially for accommodating those absentee PAs/Nodal Officers who did not attend the workshops conducted for them earlier.

It is requested that all the Nodal Officers under 99 PAs (33+66) to attend the workshop being organized by DoPT on 23rd December, 2016 at CSOI, Vinay Marq, New Delhi from 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM, without fail, this time”.  

It asked the invited Nodal Officers (who is the focal point of the concerned Public Authority and who receives RTI applications /appeals and further distributes these to the concerned CPIOs/FAAs in the Organization) to note that they have to share mandatorily their details (i.e. Name, Designation, e-Mail ID & Phone No) for creation of user name and password by the Project Management Unit (PMU) members on the day of the training.

After training of Nodal Officers, the concerned PAs will be aligned with the portal. The PMU will be providing all the necessary support to the PAs/Nodal Officers for their alignment with the portal. 

It is silent on what the Ministry of Personnel would do if some of the nodal officers can not make to the workshop for either official or unofficial reasons. Will it hold yet another workshop to accommodate those who absented themselves for whatever be the reason?


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