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Published On: Mon, Dec 4th, 2017

A silent Mamata despite Modi jibes leaves people intrigued

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Mamata_Banerjee_360_Kanyashree_celebrations_PTIKOLKATA: Polls in Gujarat, but campaign spin-offs are meant for all opposing immediate political and economic agendas of BJP, why all silent here then? Asks political commentators in Bengal.

Certainly, it isn’t going the way, it’s expected while BJP in Bengal awaits the foretold results in Gujarat, like it happened in UP civic polls, admits a senior TMC leader. But why silence despite BJP jibes? “There was an opportunity when last week Samajwadi Party leader and former UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav came to Kalighat Temple.
He also visited Mamata Banerjee and talked about a bigger national alliance to stop Narendra Modi and BJP marching ahead.’’Yet no political provocations seem as big to provoke `aggressive Mamata Banerjee,’ feel the intrigued political observers and  “as worse happened, more than any political news, reports on sex abuse take important positions in print media.’’
Interestingly, the UP civic poll outcome after  recent child death stories surprised all, more political veterans feel Mamata Banerjee is also waiting for outcome of Gujarat assembly elections.

Though recent scandals rolling out of Congress dynasty thesis may have dampened Opposition spirit – as dynasty rot has taken its toll in all most all Indian political parties – but Banerjee is also awaiting poll results and then get into a probe if  a national alternative alliance would be viable,’’ summed up a political science professor of Calcutta University.
She has also been pushing around her nephew for party’s top post, thus dynasty glut has also touched her up,’’ added another academician. But silence isn’t all we should try to see through why it leaves us intrigued when it should not, Mamata’s readying a bigger game plan,’’ adds a veteran Congress man. “Thus  let’s wait and see,’’ he added.


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